Friday, 2 July 2010


It would be very nice to feel all accomplished and say 'ta-da! Here is Kristof, the Octopuss!' but unfortunately, I can't =[ . Even though all my sewing work is complete, for some reason it is IMPOSSIBLE (apparently) to buy cats' eyes safety eyes for toys which are larger than 20mm. And so, I have a poor blind kittypus to look after :(

And I was trying to work out the cost of a Babypuss because I've got the ingredients for one, but the man at Surrey Foam changes his prices all of the time- they're different from the ones he advertises and he undercharges which, whilst being good, makes it very confusing to work out how much a single beasty costs >.< it's okay though, because his shop is a treasure trove filled with strange pretty things and it's very interesting to look at and very reasonably priced, even though you can't work out what each thing costs. He did adding up on a packet of 16mm safety eyes and none of it seems to make any sense, but never mind.
Furthermore, I've also made the mistake of the impetuous crafter and not used patterns >.< I really do not help myself. So while Kristof certainly looks impressive I'm not sure how I'm to fashion his sister, Emmeline... I worked out how I made his body in the first place but am having issues with sizes, because a4 cut into a square makes the size of a babypuss and... now I'm confused, again. So very first-time-ish. I'll get there in the end :D

And, Kristof will be PERFECT when his eyes arrive, and he was my Very First Attempt at an Octopuss. So I'm rather proud of that (or at least, I will be. Or at least, Doctor Steinfelt [!!] will be.) Oooh! Will also create a blog for my business when it exists and I've got enough creatures and am old enough for an online shop with paypal etc. So while there are difficulties... The end result is AWESOME.

Shall post pictures of my fluffy Cephalopod friend when he can see :)