Friday, 11 June 2010

Lots and Lots of Lovely Things

That isn't the number of lovely things, because Tulip Tree Seeds are still not very lovely, but rather annoying. So, that's 4,855 annoying things.
Guess what? I am now Old! It was my birthday in the half term and I had a nice time and some nice cake and an old book and a yellow newt named Badger, as well as my exceedingly beautiful Hofner called Joe.
And, and, and, I've completed lots of tests! Woo, I shall never have to sit through and RE AS lesson EVER EVER again! NO MORE MISS JOHN! WOOOOOO!
And, and, and, my USA 1910-1929 paper went 'swimmingly', huzzah!
And, and, and, now it's time for a slightly boring bit... All of the stuff posted in my blog belongs to me unless stated otherwise so if you steal it, you shall have to face Consequences, the naughty step being only one of them. (Just a precaution, I've got some funkeh ideas I'd like to share without them being stolen.)
So, boring bit over;

Guess what even more!
I made an attempt at crocheting which failed just a little bit, then tried tried tried again and it's going a bit better, if a tad boring-ly. I prefer hobbies in which I can get something finished quickly, through a bit of sudden work when I feel like it, like when I made that tiara in a few hours because I was in the mood.

Which is why sewing creatures is nicer. I've got some thoughts all ready and am daydreaming about turning them into a lovely little bit of reality!
Okay, so my ideas are;
One: The Octopuss. An octopus-like creature but with ears and whiskers, and an ever-so-polite smile.
Two: The Monkette. A monkey-ish beast.
Three: (I know I shouldn't have favourites, but come on, look at the name of it!) The Stragglemuffin. A very adorable fluffy muffin with a tail and big eyes, and a smile.
Four: (my other notafavourite) the Grumpcake. A cupcake with a face that looks like this; >.< and a tail going in the opposite direction to the Stragglemuffin's.

And there are plenty more to come! (but I have to make some, first.)

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