Saturday, 10 April 2010

a greeting

good evening all...
I am pleased to announce that i have made my first foray into the world of blogging ;)
To begin:
2,858 (and counting).
wow. that's a large number.
It's the amount of tulip tree seeds pulled up from my grandparents' garden so far... oh dear. It becomes an obsession after a while, you grow slightly mad from the need to pull them up, 'til your hair is all messy and filled with moss, your clothes are muddy, your knees are grass-stained and you keep repeating numbers with eyes wild and staring from the strain of looking for the tiny little pests.

Glad I escaped when I did.

To change the subject...
The world is most definitely against my gathering of awesome people. Honestly, three people have decided not to come, so now there are only a sad and lonely four to go =[ but marc might be bringing Danielle along, so that should be a bit better.

Oh great. the second after i posted that, natasha told me 'it looks like i wont be going tomorrow y'know!'
so... four down, three to go. might just have to cancel =[ the one time i actually bother planning an event instead of texting 'you up for cinema tomorrow?' in the middle of the night! well this is just plain useless.

night folks... will tell you what happened tomorrow (unless anything insanely important appears.)

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