Wednesday, 14 April 2010

on Marshmallows and the Devil

Good day to you all...

Today I had to wake up early and go into school, even though it's the holidays >.< yuck! statistics coursework is truly the work of the devil. Although, it was my work, so does that make me the devil? I don't think I am. Wouldn't it be really horrible if you went through life never knowing you were the devil, then found out and had to be sent to hell? That wouldn't be especially fair... which is why I'm glad it's not true.
No. I'm not the devil. Honest.

Anyway, I had to go in and do coursework, but it wasn't that bad because Neena saved me by sitting next to me at the computers so we basically spent the entire day talking. Then, went home, and read my book- it's really good, it's called "Tell me what you see" and it's a bit strange but really my sort of book. It was called Gothic Horror in the blurb but I don't think it was horror really, only a sort of meandering wandering theoretical dreaming horror, if that. Fantasy? No, I don't think I'll bother genre-ising (my new word :D) this book. It was just... good.

Then, I thought I would finally get round to making marshmallows.
Oh joy.

I stood there stirring this gloopy sugary watery STUFF for about 20 minutes and it just didn't work. I did everything I was meant to and it didn't do anything! I used agar-agar powder because it's vegetarian, but we didn't look at the packet when buying it in wing yip, aaaand it's a green coloured one. And once the mixture had refused to 'form balls or strands when dropped into cold water' for about an hour, Dad had the brilliant idea of adding more of the agar-agar. So we did. It thickened up, but... something's just not right with that stuff... If only it was a different colour it would probably look far less suspicious.

So I whisked it and whisked it and WHISKED it and it stubbornly WOULD NOT turn into a stiff mixture like beaten egg whites. I poured it into the pan and have left it to set but it looks NOTHING like marshmallow, and doesn't really taste like it either; not a bad taste, actually it's quite good, but not marshmallow. Vaguely like turkish delight but a beautiful, slimy green colour.

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