Sunday, 9 May 2010

Time and Friends (but not the tv show.)

Good afternoon all...
I didn't bother telling you about my gathering because it wasn't really much of one, because all my friends are useless :) we had THREE people in total. THREE.
no really, THREE.
*sighs wearily*
Marc, myself and Rafique met up and it was quite a nice day, as days go. Or, Dayglo! Although I don't much like neon colours. Anyway. This doesn't matter much seeing as Marc and I are no longer together, in the commonly used relationship-relating sense of the word- well it was necessary, and it's better that way- no really, it is.

On the subject of friends, I finally got to see Adam on Wednesday!!!!! *cue shocked gasps + applause, such as that of a crowd watching Houdini escape from some sort of strange entanglement* yes! I actually SAW his FACE! And not just his face but his new haircut (which looks very awesome indeed!)
He asked me along to his school drama thingummy, rather short notice which caused a fair amount of glaring/disapproving expressions from the parents, but was worth it nevertheless. It was a sort of school drama competition, each house performs a play and they are judged and the best one wins (obviously) and they were all excellent but Adam's house won for the first time, and so it should because it was an AWESOME play!!!! A sort of spoof of Moby Dick but calling it a spoof makes it sound less funny than it was. But it was SO VERY FUNNY and I am in love with the whale and Adam's fake beard :D
And afterwards when I got to see Adam it was Very Nice Indeed, which caused an awful lot of smiling to occur :)
Which is good, because i missed him a lot ^.^
So in short, friends = good. seeing adam more = better but unlikely to happen due to exams. exams finishing = very very very good for a multitude of reasons :)
The End ^.^

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